THORA is NOT an information resource or a help desk therefore you shouldn’t spam our email about :

  • Encoding/Decoding there is google for that.
  • If an anime is released in 720 or 1080 or both, you can find out in the page on website. It will say 720&1080 for both, or otherwise the name of the release (720 or 1080 only). So don’t ask if anime x will also be in resolution y.
  • We don’t provide our “Sources/RAWs/Subs/”, grab what you see.
  • No encoder position available

Any of the above question are going to be ignored.

Stuff you can ask about:

  • Be a group translator.
  • Seeder provider.
  • IRC bot provider.
  • Typesetter

Pass in for more infos.

Other questions and answers (some old and dusty):

I get glitches in this realease, dammit, I wasted so much bandwidth, sob
The only decoder guaranteed to work properly on _all _ our releases is CoreAVC. If you get smth bad with that one, then report it.
I use awsome VLC or smth else, the playback loops after a few minutes, I’m doomed
Because most series use ordered chapters to save lots of space, VLC is not supported, basically nothing except a directshow player using Haali splitter will work properly (read the utawarerumono nfo for how to set it up correcty)
Does THORA release DXVA-compatible encodes? (NOW INVALID WITH 10 BITS ENCODES)

Yes, all 720p releases are compatible, however most 1080p ones aren’t – see for details. Essentially it severely limits the encoder, and we wouldn’t be able to produce the high quality releases we do now at a decent size.
What CCCP version is required to play your recent releases?
The latest main version (beta is no longer required).
Will there be a 1080p release of Lupin III: The Castle of Cagliostro?
Will the Gunbuster/Diebuster movies have 1080p releases?
Will Macross Zero be released in 1080p?
The source doesn’t warrant it unfortunately.
What resolutions will Gundam 00 be released in?
1080p only, no 720p version due to time constraints.
Will Code Geass S1 be released in 1080p?
No, we’ll probably make only one version for series at least, too time consuming.
Tell me about Code Geass Ep 1v2
Official joint with gg, subtitles are an improved version of the ‘Domino’ subs, and karaoke has been removed.
How do i Connect to your irc channel ?
you can either use our browse based irc chat and search for xdcc list from Here or
check This nice website so you can learn how to connect to our IRC channel and get our releases.